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LED Jellyfish Lamp

From R281.12
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    Product specifications: 7.0X7.0X23.5CM

    Single weight: 0.36kg

    Number of packages: color box

    Color box size: 8.5X8.0X24CM

    【Instructions for use】:

    1. Take out the product, open the water tank cover, add water to the water tank and fill up without overflowing.

    2. Put red and white volcanic beads on the top of the product and the water tank cover

    3. Take out the battery cover and install 3 AA batteries (you can also use the USB cable to supply power)

    4. Press the “power switch” ON/OFF button on the back of the product to turn the power on/off

    5. Press the “Product Switch” on the front of the product again, and the light turns on


    【Instructions for use】

    1. Pour half of the clean water into the aquarium before use, shake a few times, and pour out to clean the aquarium’s impurities.

    2. Plug in the USB cable and pour clean water again. The surface of the water is about one centimeter away from the mouth of the bottle. Add 3-6 drops of detergent into the water.

    3. After smoothing the tentacles of the jellyfish, put it in the water and cover the lid. turn on the switch.

    Note: When used for the first time, there will be a lot of bubbles on the surface of the jellyfish, which may cause the jellyfish to not float smoothly. After a period of time, after the bubbles disappear, it will swim normally or you can manually remove the bubbles on the surface of the jellyfish.


    【Cleaning and Maintenance】

    1. When not in use for a long time:

    ① Please cut off the power: take out the battery or unplug the external power plug.

    ② After drying and drying, put it in the box.

    2. Cleaning: Before cleaning, be sure to cut off the power supply. When cleaning, wipe the soft cloth. not wash the whole product in water!

    3. not disassemble the body components without authorization.



    The product is designed to imitate the effects of volcanic eruption, jellyfish swimming, and marine fish swimming, simulating the deep sea environment

    Create a peaceful and comfortable deep-sea environment

    There are colorful lights, you can change at will

    Manufactured by thermal energy principle, light and shadow moving effect, the darker the more beautiful

    The small balls in the water tank will constantly up according to the change of the light, which is very ornamental and can be placed in the living room or office.

    Package Included:

    1*Night light 1*USB cable

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